Anscare to Premiere Complete Lineups at EWMA 2018

May 8, 2018, Taipei – BenQ Materials Crop. today announced that its biomedical brand- Anscare-will display its product portfolio in four series for the first time at coming EWMA 2018. Coupled with two new dressings to be debuted at the event, Anscare reaffirms its commitment of offering best and comprehensive solutions to wound management.  

EWMA is the largest professional conference central to interdisciplinary discussion on wound management, annually attracting thousands of physicians, nurses and researchers around the globe to attend. Anscare’s complete four product lines will be demonstrated at the event for the first time, comprising of Clinical Solution, Hemorrhage Management, Wound Care and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy series. The lineups further strengthen Anscare’s positioning of wound management solution innovator, providing more complete care for those in needs.   

One of the highlights is Anscare’s negative pressure wound therapy system (SIMO). Featuring lightweight and sleek design, SIMO can help healing of acute, chronic and burn wounds on the go. The family of Anscare’s Hemorrhage Management Series has further completed with the addition of two new dressings- Anscare Foam Dressing (Sterile) and Anscare Hydrogel Wound Dressing (Sterile). While the former possesses superior exudates absorption and soft structure, the latter features with semi-permeable top layer to provide moist wound environment

In order to closely connect to its users, Anscare heralds new brand identity system. Anscare’s new logo in round and smooth stroke expresses its humanity care, and incorporates a cross to show the medical profession. Anscare’s booth designed with its whole new brand identity will showcase products at Booth D602, DUNAJ Hall at EWMA 2018.