Anscare to Unveil Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions at EWMA 2019

Anscare will participate in the EWMA 2019 Annual Conference from June 5th to 7th in Gothenburg, Sweden. Anscare combines innovative technologies to create comprehensive medical devices for advanced wound care.


Anscare offers different products for all stages of wound healing. Two product ranges - Hemorrhage Management and Wound Care are designed to provide solutions for trauma and post-surgery bleeding control, wound healing and scar care. Those product ranges are developed to be a corresponding and comprehensive lineup of medical products that covers the wound healing process from bleeding management to scar treatment.  


SIMO NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) System is the latest addition to Anscare product range and the newest technology in advanced wound care. SIMO NPWT is designed to use negative pressure to heal acute, chronic and burn wounds. “SIMO” comes from “Simple and Mobile”, the device is lightweight, small, and what is special about this model – it does not require using batteries. Powerless and canister-free, this design makes SIMO NPWT System a unique product that combined the best features to offer a convenient way to continue negative pressure therapy outside of the hospital. 


This outstanding design was acknowledged in the 15th Taiwan National Innovation Awards. Anscare was granted Taiwan Excellence Award 2015-2019, and the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 in the sector of Medical Equipment. Anscare dedicates the award-winning products to the welfare of society.